January’s Funding News

January 27, 2022
Published by Dudley CVS

Ufi VocTech Trust: VocTech Seed, apply 12th January–9th February or 15th June–13th July 2022
Size of grant available: £15,000-£50,000 for projects lasting 3-12 months supporting the development of new ideas that use digital tools and approaches to transform how people gain skills for work
Aims and outcomes of funder: “Test bed” programme where the first spark of an idea can be scoped and tested in a supportive environment for relatively early stage projects to prototype ideas/work out the next steps necessary on the journey to long-term success
Additional information: There are three remaining grant workshops available for the current funding round on 31st January 10-11am (workshop 6), 2nd February 2-3pm (workshop 7) and 7th February 2-3pm (workshop 8)

Contact details:
020 7969 5500


Website: https://bit.ly/3g0erSf


Groundwork/Tesco: Little Helps, apply by 6th February 2022
Size of grant available: £5,000
Aims and outcomes of funder: Projects that provide food and support to young people helping to make a difference in their communities

Contact details: Telephone 0121 237 5780

E-mail: tescocommunitygrants@groundwork.org.uk

Website: https://bit.ly/3rXsnly


Imkaan: Margin to Centre, apply by 7th February 2022 for decision week commencing 21st February
Size of grant available: Framework 4 grants up to £50,000 supporting organisations’ sustainability increasing their resilience to provide existing frontline quality support services and/or new projects delivered 1st April 2022–31st March 2023
Aims and outcomes of funder: Support work that addresses, prevents and responds to violence against Black and minoritised women and girls
Additional information: The Tampon Tax Fund is supporting this programme for small specialist frontline Black and minoritised women and girls’ organisations committed to ending violence against them with four levels of grant available up to £15,000 (five grants available), £15,001 to £25,000 (14), £25,001-£35,000 (12) or £35,001-£50,000 (four grants available)

Contact details: 020 7842 8525

E-mail: funding@imkaan.org.uk

Website: https://bit.ly/34cOdt8


Field Family Charitable Trust: Trustees meet in April/October annually and applications are required at least six weeks before meetings (next scheduled meeting 19th April 2022)
Size of grant available: £1,000-£10,000, in 2020/21 average grant £3,100 for outreach and engagement work, equipment, furnishings, running costs, helplines and alterations to existing buildings to comply with health and safety regulations
Aims and outcomes of funder: Improve quality of life/prospects of vulnerable young people (aged 13-25) prioritising work with those not in education, employment or training (NEET) preventing them from offending as well as the integration/rehabilitation of ex-offenders; elderly people
Additional information: Only local registered charities with annual income below £1M can apply

Contact details: Telephone 020 7821 8211

E-mail: charities@pwwsolicitors.co.uk

Website: https://bit.ly/3rUgDQz


Hospice UK: Dying Matters Community Grants Programme, apply by 21st February 2022, decision by 31st March and project should be completed by the end of 2022
Size of grant available: Provide small workshop grants up to £999 and project grants £1,000-£5,000 for activities taking place in communities (outside of formal healthcare settings) that help make it easier for people to talk about death and dying
Aims and outcomes of funder: Support community-led arts and culture groups/projects that focus on equality and inclusion by approaching the subject of dying in an innovative or creative way targeting ethnic minorities or homeless, imprisoned, LGBT+ and learning disabled people as well as people living in poverty, deprivation and with lower socioeconomic status
Additional information: Only registered charities, Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIO’s) or Community Interest Companies (CIC’s) that can demonstrate how they reach defined groups who are less likely to be reached by hospice care/Dying Matters campaign can apply

Contact details: Telephone 020 7520 8200

E-mail: info@hospiceuk.org

Website: https://bit.ly/35jGrOs


Ragdoll Foundation: Open Grants Scheme: Main Grants Programme; as trustees are refocusing grant funding the final closing date for this programme is 28th February 2022 for delivery of projects beginning in September or later
Size of grant available: £1,500-£50,000 for larger/longer-term new projects or proposals lasting up to three years that significantly develop the scope or scale of an existing programme, project or pilot (minimum 20% match-funding required)
Aims and outcomes of funder: New priority area is still in development however it is likely to support gifted young women from underprivileged backgrounds to develop their talents and skills in arts and creative media with a view to achieving their full potential
Additional information: In this current and final round trustees are especially interested to receive applications for pilot projects that address the new priority (see above)

Contact details: Telephone 01295 500003

E-mail: applications@ragdollfoundation.org.uk

Website: https://bit.ly/3AG4Vxc


Ubele Initiative: Majonzi COVID-19 Bereavement Fund, apply by 28th February 2022
Size of grant available: £500 grants towards commemorating the lives of people who have died during the Coronavirus pandemic in a way that is meaningful such as through a memorial service or commissioning a work of art for the community
Aims and outcomes of funder: Support households that have lost loved ones due to Covid-19 commemorating their lives; memorial services in communities or with faith groups; social entrepreneurs/artists looking to organise an event or commission a piece of art for a community
Additional information: Only organisations supporting people who have lost someone as a result of Covid-19 (within a household or community), Black and Minority Ethnic households/community groups and groups organising memorial services/commissioning art etc. and/or further fundraising activities can apply

Contact details: Telephone 0800 7720220

E-mail: majonzifundapp@gmail.com

Website: https://bit.ly/3rW3yq3


Ministry of Defence Remembered Charity: Armed Forces Day Event Funding, apply by 1st March 2022
Size of grant available: Up to £10,000 for maximum 50% of total cost
Aims and outcomes of funder: Events to support Armed Forces Day 25th June 2022

Contact details: Telephone 020 7807 0970

E-mail: enquiries@tbnt.org.uk

Website: https://bit.ly/3AAyLTI


VINCI UK Foundation: Apply by 31st March 2022
Size of grant available: Up to £20,000 for tangible goods such as tools, equipment, vehicles, IT, furniture and building works
Aims and outcomes of funder: Support projects addressing social cohesion/exclusion by taking an innovative approach making a positive and measurable impact on the local area tackling access to employment, integration through housing, inclusive mobility and building better communities
Additional information: Only small/medium sized registered community interest or non-profit organisations near the offices of VINCI companies involving VINCI employees (sponsors) delivering a project (maximum cost £100,000) that has a long-lasting impact on targeted communities can apply

Contact details: Telephone 0121 717 1820

E-mail: contact@vinci-uk-foundation.co.uk

Website: https://bit.ly/32B0iHV


Angela Gallagher Memorial Fund: Apply any time, trustees meet twice a year in the Spring and Autumn
Size of grant available: 2020 grant range £500-£1,000 averaging £840
Aims and outcomes of funder: Deprived/disadvantaged children/young people; disabled people
Contact details: Mrs. Hilary Hoar (Trustee and Charity administrator), telephone 01392 875042
Address: Newstead House, Exton, Exeter, Devon EX3 0PP


Yorkshire Building Charitable Foundation: Small Change Big Difference, once recommendation received from members or staff the Foundation will contact the charity for further information pending quarterly trustee meetings in January, April, July and October (deadlines 31st December, 31st March, 30th June and 30th September annually)
Size of grant available: £250-£2,000 for specific projects and/or items that will have a positive impact on beneficiaries living in areas that have high levels of deprivation and, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, will also support running costs
Aims and outcomes of funder: Priority areas are alleviating poverty and improving health/saving lives supporting children, those who are seriously ill as well as elderly, homeless and disabled people
Additional information: Only registered charities in areas experiencing high levels of deprivation recommended by members/staff can apply therefore potential applicants are advised to contact their local branch who may nominate them for a grant donation

Contact details: The only branch in the Dudley borough is at 58 High Street, Stourbridge DY8 1DE, telephone 01384 500168

E-mail: community@ybs.co.uk or (for local branch) stourbridge@ybs.co.uk

Website: https://bit.ly/3ACofet


Groundwork/Tesco: Tesco Community Grants, apply any time and, every three months, three local good causes are selected for support through the blue token customer vote in Tesco stores
Size of grant available: Up to £1,500 for local community projects addressing holiday hunger, tackling mental health, supporting young people and hosting community events
Aims and outcomes of funder: Focus on food security and children/young people’s health through breakfast/holiday clubs, play areas, foodbanks, meals on wheels, equipment for brownie/guide/scout groups or youth sports teams and counselling/support

Contact details: Telephone 0121 237 5780

E-mail: tescocommunitygrants@groundwork.org.uk

Website: https://bit.ly/3G6Szz1 and https://bit.ly/3H8dxiq


Marsh Charitable Trust: Apply any time
Size of grant available: Unrestricted grants £300-£2,000 for long term core funding or running costs such as volunteer expenses, training days and maintenance of equipment
Aims and outcomes of funder: Arts and heritage; social welfare; environmental causes; animal welfare; education and training; healthcare
Additional information: Only small registered charities can apply

Contact details: Annie McCarthy (Trust Manager) or Heather Crombie (Administrative Assistant), telephone 020 7233 3112

E-mail: mccarthy@bpmarsh.co.uk

Website: https://bit.ly/33R1vvB


Sport England: Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Activity Fund, apply any time
Size of grant available: £5M fund providing grants £300-£10,000 supporting projects that use sport/physical activity as a means of bringing a community together and tackling inequalities
Aims and outcomes of funder: Support projects in disadvantaged communities that provide opportunities for people who may be less physically active to help them get active or more active

Contact details: Telephone 03458 508 508

E-mail: funding@sportengland.org

Website: https://bit.ly/3fZ4hBk


Wakeham Trust: Apply any time
Size of grant available: £125-£2,500 for new work/activities or very small projects supporting small groups making a difference in their communities and they are especially interested in helping new organisations that need a little seed money to help them get started
Aims and outcomes of funder: Education; activities/projects encouraging community service by small groups of young people in their own neighbourhoods and communities who are getting together to make a difference; faith organisations delivering wider community work; voluntary action
Additional information: Only small registered charities can apply however they will accept applications from non-registered charities provided the applicant can process their application via a registered charity locally

Contact details: Telephone 01730 821274

E-mail: thewakehamtrust@icloud.com

Website: https://bit.ly/3u4XqhL


Eveson Charitable Trust: Enhance Grants, apply any time
Size of grant available: Up to £10,000 towards the cost of training or consultancy advice for organisations that have been supported previously or currently hold an existing grant
Aims and outcomes of funder: Support organisations with funding and help/advice for a specific aspect of its operation covering safeguarding, strategy/business planning, finance, fundraising, marketing/communications, human resources and governance
Additional information: Before applying registered charities need to consider whether they have the resources to commit the time necessary to engage with the consultancy process and to act on the advice received

Contact details: Claire Bowry (Chief Executive), telephone 01905 905085 or 07394 655478

E-mail: grants@eveson.org.uk

Website: https://bit.ly/3ID0ZzK


Postcode Local Trust: 2022 funding rounds will open on 1st February, 1st March, 1st April, 2nd May, 1st June, 1st July, 1st  August, 1st September and 3rd October
Size of grant available: £500-£25,000 for project or unrestricted funding to be spent within 18 months
Aims and outcomes of funder: Improve mental wellbeing; community participation in the arts; increase community access to outdoor spaces; prevent/reduce poverty; support marginalised groups/promote equality; physical activity; improve biodiversity/green spaces; climate emergency/promote sustainability
Additional information: Welcome applications from smaller charities/community groups in the West of England (West Midlands/South West) with annual income below £1M (preference for those with income less than £500,000) and only registered charities or Community Interest Companies can apply for grants above £2,500

Contact details: Telephone 0131 322 9388

E-mail: info@postcodelocaltrust.org.uk

Website: https://bit.ly/3IG8LsP


West Midlands Combined Authority: Community Green Grants, apply any time over the next two years (panel will meet quarterly) and applications will be processed via Heart of England Community Foundation (Jenny Whateley, Grants Officer)
Size of grant available: £725,000 fund providing small grants £3,000-£25,000 or large grants £25,000-£100,000 (up to one year) for projects increasing/improving green/blue spaces with some priority for new projects in areas of green deprivation enhancing the local environment
Aims and outcomes of funder: Support projects that increase access to green spaces close to where people live connecting them to nature in communities experiencing green deprivation enhancing the local environment benefiting people’s lives and their physical or mental wellbeing
Additional information: Potential projects include activities at community gardens and allotments such as tree planting, gardening or growing fruit/vegetables, turning unused viable land into pocket parks and nature playgroups giving children/families with no regular access to green space an opportunity to experience hands on activities (small grants that connect local people to nature) OR development of green corridors linking parks, community gardens or other green spaces (including new community green spaces that increase local access) and projects that significantly improve biodiversity of the area promoting behavioural change on accessing green spaces (larger scale plans creating significant sustainable projects helping people connect to nature/improve the local environment)

Contact details: Ruth Burgess (Community Green Grants Project Officer), telephone 0121 200 2787

E-mail: ruth.burgess@wmca.org.uk or CommunityGreenGrants@wmca.org.uk

Website: https://bit.ly/3HcrThJ


Lawrence Atwell’s Charity

Lawrence Atwell’s Charity offer two grant programmes to organisations and individuals as follows:

  1. Charities Programme providing grants up to £10,000 per annum (maximum three years) for specific projects. They support registered charities with annual turnover below £1M working with disadvantaged NEET young people helping them achieve a vocational qualification so that they either move into employment or become employment ready.

The committee meet twice annually in April and November, next deadline 4th March 2022 however, before submitting a full application, send a short outline of the project by email.

  1. Individuals Programme providing grants up to £1,500 for courses (up to level 3) that will help disadvantaged young people aged 16-26 move into employment. They support projects for young people from low-income households or backgrounds with fewer existing qualifications and little or no past work experience helping them gain vocational/accredited qualifications improving their life chances.

Applications can be made at any time.

For more information, contact:

Tel: 020 7213 0561

E-mail: atwell@skinners.org.uk or charities@skinners.org.uk

Website: https://bit.ly/3G8D21L or https://bit.ly/3H2YO8m


Trusthouse Charitable Foundation

The Trusthouse Charitable Foundation supports urban deprivation work improving vulnerable lives in disadvantaged communities by strengthening local communities addressing causes of deprivation creating opportunities for disadvantaged individuals empowering local people/fostering inclusion. They offer two grant programmes:

  • Major Grants. Single year/multi-year (maximum three years) revenue grants £10,000-£100,000 up to 50% of total cost with focus on family support working directly with families in need through early intervention supporting those coping with addiction and prisoners’ families. Applicants annual turnover must be below £1M. There is a two-stage application process and applications can be made at any time for Grants Committee quarterly meetings in January, April, June and October.
  • Small Grants £2,000-£10,000 (single year revenue grants) for maximum 50% cost of project with a focus on community support. Applications can be made at any time by organisations with annual income below £250,000.

Only small/medium sized front line grassroots community-based local organisations embedded in their community working to address local issues in communities of extreme urban deprivation (i.e. in the 15% most deprived areas as defined by the Index of Multiple Deprivation) can apply

For more information, contact Jessica Brown (Grants Director) or Sandra Collazo (Grants Manager):

Tel: 020 3150 4517

E-mail: grants@trusthousecharitablefoundation.org.uk

Websites: https://bit.ly/3IJuAb6 or https://bit.ly/3G5f9s0


Co-operatives UK Limited

The Community Shares Booster Programme is a funding scheme to support community share offers providing the following grants:

  1. Community Shares Booster Programme supporting new and existing community businesses that are soon planning to make or have recently launched a community share offer:
  • Development grants up to £10,000.
  • Match Equity Investment up to £100,000 once the minimum share offer target is achieved.

They are particularly interested in community businesses that will breathe new life into high streets through regeneration of historic buildings.

  1. Community Shares Booster Programme ReBoost fund supporting community businesses prepare a community share offer to help in their recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic:
  • Development grants up to £5,000.
  • Match Equity Investment up to £25,000 once the minimum share offer target is achieved.

Applications can be made at any time and, for more information, see website: https://bit.ly/35jlrHA 


Allchurches Trust Limited

Allchurches Trust Limited supports Christian charities/churches that help vulnerable people by tackling social issues (homelessness, poverty, climate change, cultural cohesion) and engage young people by building lasting relationships helping families, churches and communities flourish. They provide the following grants for church repairs, restoration, protection and improvement of church buildings/other places of Christian worship especially where those changes support wider community use:

  1. Small Grants £1,000-£15,000 for capital projects/equipment costing up to £1M.
  2. Large Grants above £15,000 for capital projects/equipment costing over £1M.

Only Christian registered charities and churches in deprived areas that are part of Churches Together engaging in innovative ways of working and in new/enhanced areas of activity that meet existing/emerging challenges facing communities can apply. Applications can be made at any time (trustees meet five times a year).

For more information, contact Iain Hearn (Grants Administrator):

Tel: 01452 873189

E-mail: atl@allchurches.co.uk

Website: https://bit.ly/3IZ1WD1


Black Country ESF Community Grants 2019-2023

ESF Community Grants awards funding up to £20,000 to organisations that can run projects supporting unemployed people (minimum six months) back into work/training.

Projects need to demonstrate how they can move participants closer to the job market and particularly how they get the long term unemployed ready for work. They aim to fund projects despite the current restrictions and applicants will need to demonstrate how they can adjust their project if needed, for example using remote delivery.

Applying for Community Grants can be daunting but the Community Grants team are there to help and they suggest making contact before applying for an informal conversation about the application.

Projects have to be based and delivered in the Black Country and can only work with eligible participants (see ESF guidelines before applying). There are some top tips on planning Community Grants applications which includes advice on how to support learners with digital access 5 top tips for planning your ESF community grant application

The guidelines, application and hourly rate calculator are available by emailing communitygrants@walsall.gov.uk or can be downloaded from BCTA Website – make sure the latest application form is used as old formats will not be accepted.

Due to the success of this programme the forthcoming round (deadline 25th February 2022) is likely to be the final round.

For more information and, to obtain an application form, contact Helen Kirk (Programme Manager):

Tel: 01922 650391

E-mail: communitygrants@walsall.gov.uk or Helen.Kirk@walsall.gov.uk

Website: https://bit.ly/3AAuDD4


National Lottery Community Fund

John Goodman (local funding officer Dudley and Wolverhampton) will be available to meet (virtually to begin with bearing in mind recent Government announcements) organisations every fortnight to discuss potential applications to the Reaching Communities funding programme.

He can discuss this programme with interested applicants Mondays on a bi-weekly basis from 10th January 2022. John suggests groups contact him directly to book a slot and he will set up a virtual meeting via Microsoft Teams.

When safe to do so John is happy to meet people at our office in Brierley Hill (7 Albion Street DY5 3EE) again fortnightly on a Monday. However, to begin with, as these meetings will be face-to-face, appointments must be made and attendees are requested to wear face coverings when entering our premises. The meetings will be held in an office where social distancing measures are in place.

In order to book an appointment contact John by phone or email:

Tel: 07837 248200

E-mail: john.goodman@tnlcommunityfund.org.uk

Reaching Communities Website: https://bit.ly/3HjTbmc



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