Lunchtime Chat: Nature Connected Organisations

April 8, 2024
Published by Lorna Prescott

“There is now widespread recognition that the climate and nature crises are interlinked. A crisis for the climate is equally a crisis for nature, and both are potentially catastrophic for humankind, Actions that harm nature escalate the scale and pace of the planetary and social risks we face.”
~ The Nature Connected Organisations Handbook, University of Derby

Last November Dudley CVS adopted a Climate Justice Policy and Action Plan. In January we began delivery of work with local social enterprises Ekho Collective CIC and Workshop 24 to establish Dudley People’s School for Climate Justice. And last month saw Dudley Council adopting their Climate Action Plan

Dudley CVS has committed to taking practical action, leading work on climate justice and heath equity, supporting transition in communities, and being good ancestors. Our Climate Justice Action Plan and our partnership work on climate justice also seeks to develop our relationships with the rest of the natural world. This is because we recognise that one of the root causes of the crises we face is the breakdown of the relationship between humans and the rest of nature.

As we work to become a Nature Connected Organisation we’d like to bring together others from across the borough’s community groups, voluntary organisations, charities and social enterprises who have a similar motivation.

Lunchtime chat

Reserve a spot to join an online lunchtime chat on Wednesday 1 May, 12pm-12.45pm to what support we can offer to each other, and additional ways that Dudley People’s Schoool for Climate Justice can help.

“Nature-connected organisations recognise, value, and nurture close relationships with nature. They are committed to:

  • fostering strong human-nature relationships,
  • the protection and restoration of nature, and
  • putting nature first.

A nature-connected organisation appreciated its interdependence with nature, and realises the power it has to bring environmental, social and economic change by strengthening human-nature relationships. It achieves this by:

  • helping staff [and volunteers] connect with nature,
  • creating environments that support nature connection, and
  • embedding nature connection into the heart of the organisation’s operations and vision.”~ The Nature Connected Organisations Handbook, University of Derby
Are you interested in taking on a role to help your group or organisation to become more nature connected?

Through Dudley People’s School for Climate Justice we aim to convene a peer learning network of people from different local not-for-profits to support each other in introducing changes such as:

  • Helping staff / volunteers to reconnect with nature to support wellbeing, contribute to nature’s wellbeing and nurture stronger relationships with nature for more flourishing futures.
  • Creating conditions for nature connection through the design of physical and virtual spaces, championing nature, and adapting processes, practices and systems to bring nature into the day to day operation of your group or organisation.
  • Embedding nature connection into the heart of your group or organisation by bringing human-nature relationships into organisational mission and values, and normalising and nurturing closer relationships with nature.
  • Encouraging nature connection in wider networks by offering support, guidance and partnership.

If you’re curious to find out more you could:

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