Operation Santa Toy Appeal Heading off to Pastures New

August 9, 2021
Published by Dudley CVS

Dudley CVS has been successfully delivering the Operation Santa Toy Appeal across Dudley Borough for over 20 years, collecting donations and delivering toys to families in the greatest need during the festive period.

To date, Operation Santa has been delivered through Dudley CVS’s Volunteer Centre and supported by a number of fantastic volunteers who have dedicated their time to the scheme.

The Toy Appeal has grown exponentially over the past few years supporting 6,305 children and young people with 39,004 toy donations last year alone. This growth has brought with it lots of challenges in terms of premises, capacity and transport.

The toy appeal has the potential to keep growing so the time is right to pass the baton on to another organisation to continue its progression.

The good news is that Dudley CVS has recently been in dialogue with volunteers who will independently manage a newly formed group called the Black Country Toy Appeal. Going forward, this group will be in a position to help grow and sustain the Toy Appeal across a wider geographical area. The group are already making great progress for the Toy Appeal 2021.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s ever supported Dudley CVS with Operation Santa. Without the support of our partner agencies, the huge amount of donations and volunteer support the Toy Appeal would not have been the success it has been and what it has grown to become.

We would encourage colleagues and stakeholders to continue to support and build relationships with the new organisation. Dudley CVS will continue to support them however and wherever we can going forward and we wish the group and its volunteers all the best in their new venture.

If you would like to know more about the Black Country Toy Appeal, please contact Trevor Fielding. Tel: 07860 644468. Email: santabctoyappeal@gmail.com.

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