Voluntary Sector Representation on Local Implementation Teams (LITs) – Call to Action

March 8, 2023
Published by Dudley CVS

What are Local Implementation Teams (LITs)?

Local Implementation Teams (LITs) have been formed by the Dudley Health and Care Partnership Board to improve patient pathways. They will consist of a number of GPs, clinicians and other key partners. The voluntary sector has been invited to be part of each LIT. It is envisaged that they will be short-term, task and finish type teams.

We are seeking individuals from local voluntary and community organisations to represent the sector at each LIT. If you are interested in this role, please complete the Expression of Interest form.

The role of each representative would be as follows:

– To attend LIT meetings (approximately fortnightly) and participate between meetings where required.
– To feedback to, and engage the views of, the wider voluntary sector at the VSHSCN.
– To bring the views and stories of people we support in relation to the specific pathway (what it’s like to be me).
– To participate in voluntary and community sector LIT peer support meetings identifying cross cuttings issues, successes, challenges and learning.

Please note that these roles are very specific about improving pathways for patients.

Dudley CVS is keen to support a wide range of voluntary and community groups participating in this initiative.

Further information
Expression of Interest Form

Please complete and return the LIT Expression of Interest Form to Kate Green by Friday 24th March 2023. Email: kategreen@dudleycvs.org.uk

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