Children, young people and families

Our Children, Young People and Families team are passionate about Dudley borough being a place where children and young people thrive.

Our work

Cluster Connect started as a pilot project in Dudley Central to build good connections in our communities. It is an opportunity to bring people together who are passionate about their local area and see how we can work with each other to make things better. Find out more:

CYPF Network is a network for child and youth involving voluntary and community organisations in Dudley that meets four times a year. It’s an opportunity to come together to share, learn and collaborate. To find out more visit

Dudley Young Health Champions (DYHC) is a health-based youth empowerment project that works with young people aged 11-25. We work with a broad range of young people both in a school / college based setting and within the community. Our approach is adapted to the young people we work with to ensure that all young people can take part. The aim of the project is to promote resilience, informed choice and positive health and well being. Through using peer-led approaches to share experience and knowledge, combined with trusted sources of information, we aim to ensure that young people are equipped with the knowledge they need to live happy and healthy lives. The project also aims to provide opportunities for young people to develop themselves as individuals in terms of their skills and experience.

Schools and Colleges
We provide a structured programme in schools and colleges which can last between 6 and 12 weeks depending on the setting and needs of young people. The programme enables young people to develop their confidence as Young Health Champions. Young people complete a European Health Champions certificated E-Learning course, receive training on the Izone website (a website in Dudley designed with the support of young people to provide accurate , trusted information in just 3 clicks) and general safeguarding. Throughout the programme young people take part in confidence building activities alongside learning. Once training has been completed young people are supported to develop their individual or group project which will aim to educate and inform other young people. Often this is based on their own experience or an area of interest. The projects we support have to be of benefit to other young people. Young people also have the opportunity to make a visit to Here4YOUth which is an emotional well-being hub for young people in Dudley.

We provide certificated training opportunities for young people to develop their skills and knowledge in areas of health. We are currently looking at developing a programme of training that will develop young people’s skills, whilst providing evidence for their future development in terms of education and employment.

Dudley Youth Health Forum
We are one of the lead partners in a newly emerging health forum for young people. Whilst there are a number of opportunities for young people in Dudley, health is our focus. In partnership with Healthwatch Dudley, Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust, Dudley MBC and Dudley Integrated Healthcare Trust we are supporting young people to have a voice in health. The focus of the forum is to explore with young people the transition from child to adult services, the experience of young people with SEND, peer approaches in sharing health related information, promoting resilience and sharing the experience of young people.

Covid Young Health Champions
DYHC has been working with Public Health in Dudley MBC to develop a network of COVID Young Health Champions to mirror the Covid Community Champions initiative. We are supporting young people to become champions within their own communities by sharing up to date and relevant information on steps to end the Pandemic.

DYHC is supporting young people to become volunteers and we are working with a number of national and local organisations to support young people to develop their skills as volunteers within their own communities.

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