Black Country Multicultural Day Exhibition

August 14, 2023
Published by Dudley CVS

Black Country Multicultural Day are looking for families, mums, dads, granddad’s or nans that were invited to come and work in the factories and foundries from different countries to kick start the industrial revolution and get Britain back on its feet.

We want to know your story about how you were invited to work and live in the Black Country West Midlands:

  • What life was like when you first came here?
  • Where did you live?
  • Where did you work?
  • What type of work was it?
  • How did you survive each week?
  • What made you come to Britain?

We would like to know your story for an Exhibition for Black Country Multicultural Day for 2024. Your story would be shown to the general public on how the Black Country and the West Midlands became Multicultural since the Industrial Revolution.

What is Black Country Multicultural Day:
Multicultural day is to show how the people of the Black Country has become culturally diverse in recent years. The region has seen a significant rise of different ethnic mix who have moved into the Dudley Borough since the industrial revolution.

Multicultural Day is about making friends with people from different backgrounds and life experiences – and learn about their values also promote their own beliefs in a spirit of peace and harmony.

This event will kindle local civic pride and confidence and has the potential to improve the economic environmental and social well-being of borough residents. We would like to demonstrate how the Black Country’s vibrant colourful past – present and future and with the different backgrounds that have settled over the years that has made the Black Country as vibrant as it is today.

This will be the Third event of its kind which will bring people from the West Midlands to come together into the heart Halesowen to celebrate how diverse the Black Country has become.

Multicultural Day is about promoting understanding within our communities. We want to celebrate the diversity and secure a positive reputation on the national and international stage.

If interested please email:

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