Black Creatives Network in Dudley – 6 Nov

October 18, 2021
Published by Dudley CVS

Creatives of Black ethnicities who have a connection with Dudley are invited to co-design a creative network from scratch.

Imagine if Dudley had a collaborative network where local creatives of African and Caribbean descent are welcome. A safe space where relationships amongst Black creatives are strengthened and the emergence of new projects, ideas and ventures are enabled, unleashing deeper layers of artistic excellence within our local black community.

All local creative souls are invited to Dudley’s 1st “Black Creatives Network”. If you are talented in any of the Creative Arts ( Poets, Photographers, Designers, Singers/Rappers, DJs, Musicians, Artists, Makers, Dancers, Videographers, Producers, Writers, Lighting/Sound engineers, Animators, Navigators, Architects, etc) this is your opportunity to gather with other local Creatives, who through support, sharing of skills & ideas are aiming to increase opportunities & pathways to creative success.

In October 2021, Creatives met together for the first time and formed a safe, nurturing and fun environment for sharing stories and sparking ideas to develop collaboratively.

The second gathering will go a step further on the journey of change. The network will dig deeper into its ideas, further shape its shared purpose, and get practical about growing a Black-led creative community in Dudley.

When – 6 Nov 2021, 2pm – 4:30pm


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