Digital Dynasty

June 26, 2023
Published by Dudley CVS

Black Country Housing Group is delivering a project called Digital Dynasty, which aims to help organisations improve their digital offer and thereby reduce digital exclusion for its customers.

Many members of the community are isolated because of a lack of digital skills. They may not have an email address or indeed an internet enabled device which might mean they aren’t able to apply for benefits or help from the government towards their increased cost of living. They may be separated from family and loved ones but could be reunited if the person can connect to them digitally.

Digital Dynasty provides free training to staff and/or volunteers to help them supplement their own digital skills which in turn, enables them to support their community members.

Black Country Housing Group don’t provide training to the organisation’s customers, only to their colleagues (staff) and volunteers. The staff and volunteers should have proficient I.T. skills to be able to then deliver the services your organisation requires to your customers.

If you are struggling for devices to enable you to extend your digital offer to service users, then in addition to training Black Country Housing Group may be able to access FREE re-conditioned devices for your organisation.

For further information, contact:

Kevin Priest      07969 559155 email

Nasser Williams  07794 275047 email

Gian Singh       07487 239126 email

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