Get involved in celebratory community events during the Coronation Weekend – 6 – 8 May 2023

March 20, 2023
Published by Dudley CVS

There are lots of ways to get involved in celebratory community events during the Coronation Weekend between Saturday 6 and Monday 8 May…

The Coronation Big Lunch – Sunday 7 May

This year, The Big Lunch is moving to the May Bank holiday! Bring your neighbours and community together to share friendship, food and fun with a Coronation Big Lunch! Everything you need to get started can be found in the Eden Projects’ free Big Lunch pack or their special Coronation Big Lunch pack.

(If you can’t take part in May, you can still join the fun in June and plan your event as part of the Month of Community – bring your community together to support great causes!)

The Big Help Out – Monday 8 May

The Big Help Out encourages people to lend a hand and make a change. From rolling up your sleeves to helping a local group, to joining some of the UK’s best-known national charities – Monday May 8 will be your chance to get involved.

Are you planning any celebrations or opportunities for local people to give their time?  If so, we can link you up with people who would like to get involved.

Would you like to give your time? Please get in touch and Dudley CVS’s Volunteer Centre can try to match you up with local opportunities.

If you would like to get involved locally, please contact Eileen from Dudley CVs on

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