Got some time to give on your terms? Why not join ‘Give where you live’ to access commitment-free opportunities to help out in your community? 

August 8, 2023
Published by Dudley CVS

Here in Dudley borough and throughout the country volunteering has always been at the heart of community engagement. It’s a way in which we can give back, make a difference, and feel more connected to our local community. We know helping out does wonders for people’s sense of health and wellbeing too.

At the same time, we know that it’s getting more difficult to give time to good causes. Often people who want to help out in their community can face barriers such as time constraints, or a lack of awareness about the available opportunities where they live.

We want to make it easier for people to access opportunities to help out the good causes that resonate with them in the places that mean the most – usually in their own community or neighbourhood. So we’ve launched a new initiative to connect people who might have a little free time with organisations looking for one-off helpers for their events or activities.

Signing up to Give where you live enables you to respond to calls to action from local good causes on your terms to suit your circumstances. Perhaps you volunteered during the pandemic or helped at a Warm Welcomes venue and want to continue helping out in the community. You may have a few hours to spare here and there, but don’t want to make a regular commitment, or you might be new to volunteering and would like to ‘dip your toe in’ with a few ad-hoc opportunities.

We won’t ask you for a lot of information when you sign up, just your contact details where you are based and what types of good causes you’re interested in. In return, you’ll receive:

  • Email notifications of one-off opportunities related to your location and interests as and when they reach us. You can take up as little or as many as you’re able to help – there’s absolutely no obligation and it’s all at your convenience
  • Connections into a wide range of activities happening across the borough or even more locally to you
  • Support from us about what you can expect from the organisations you will help and what they can expect from you, including access to guidance around keeping yourself and others safe
  • Support into longer-term volunteering if you decide you like helping out and you’re in a position to commit

You don’t need to be available for set hours or on a regular basis and you’ll be able to unsubscribe at any time too.

Why not sign up today?

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