How to Register a CIC – Free Webinar Session

June 6, 2023
Published by Dudley CVS

How to setup a Community Interest Company CICUnlock the Potential of UK Community Interest Companies with All Ways Network: Join their short online session to discover how CICs can drive social impact and business success. Learn the ins and outs of UK Community Interest Companies and harness the power of social entrepreneurship

Session Introduction:• Are you passionate about making a positive social impact while running a successful business?
• Are you interested in exploring the potential of UK Community Interest Companies (CICs) as a vehicle for social entrepreneurship?
• Introducing a one-hour short session on UK Community Interest Companies!
• This dynamic session is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of CICs and the tools you need to leverage their unique benefits for both social and financial success.Join All Ways Network on Wednesday 21st June at 11am-12pm for their free online webinar. To register:

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