Improving Social Connectivity Event

August 19, 2022
Published by Dudley CVS

Social isolation means having a small social network and few interactions with others, while loneliness is the painful feeling of having less or poorer quality social connections than a person wants. It is proven that both loneliness and isolation have a detrimental effect on peoples mental and physical health and can contribute to premature mortality. Lockdowns, physical distancing and remote working during the Covid pandemic has resulted in people feeling less socially connected and more alone. Addressing loneliness and isolation in Dudley is therefore essential for the health and wellbeing of our residents and the minimisation of safeguarding issues occurring as a consequence.

Prior to and during lockdown some well-known voluntary sector organisations came together to network, supported by Public Health to discuss these issues and there are some projects that we know of currently addressing this important strategic priority.

To build on the work already undertaken, Dudley Empowerment Partnership (DEP), in partnership with Dudley CVS are organising an ‘Improving Social Connectivity’ event on Tuesday 27th September at Brierley Hill Civic Hall between 9.30am – 1.30pm (refreshments will be available on the day).

We would love any organisation who has experience of working with residents who are at risk of or experiencing loneliness and/or isolation and/or who feel they can contribute to the development of a borough wide plan to address some of the underlying trends to attend.

The aims of the event is to;

  • Get together like minded people from across the voluntary, statutory and public sector to discuss the reasons for loneliness and isolation identify how we take this agenda forward
  • Explore partners’ experiences from workers who are on the ground helping people who are affected by this
  • Look at the work in this area that has already been successfully undertaken by partners in previous network meetings
  • Discuss how we can start to map out services which are already in existence so we can start looking where gaps may be and potential opportunities for partnership working and business development to grow a cohesive borough wide approach to tacking this agenda.

We are aware that there will be many grass roots volunteering organisations and faith organisations also addressing these issues, so please feel free to share this far and wide so that we can have as diverse a representation of organisations, providers and individuals on the day.

We really hope you can attend on the day, for free tickets please register through Eventbrite by clicking below:

Please click here to register

Deadline for signing up is mid-day Friday 23rd September.

It will be a positive, engaging and productive morning with opportunities for networking too so look forward to seeing you all there!

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