More support for carers

February 18, 2022
Published by Dudley CVS

Are you a carer, or do you know someone who is? If so, the good news is that further support has just been made available.

The Adult Social Care in Dudley new online portal now includes the carers information hub.
Residents can also use the system to report worries about someone who may be at risk of abuse, or who is being abused.

What is the Adult Social Care in Dudley portal?

The portal is part of Dudley Council’s commitment to make it easier for you to find out about adult social care. It offers a new and secure way for residents, carers, partners and professionals to interact online.
The portal is in addition to the current ways of communicating with Adult Social Care.

What help can carers find?

The new system allows carers to:

• Gain information on services they can access
• Register with the Carers Hub, or the Wellbeing Service
• Submit a carers self-assessment to see how their caring role is affecting their own health and day-to-day life
• Be guided to information relevant for carers aged under 18

What else can I do on the new system?

It is going live in phases. As well as information signposting, and reporting safeguarding concerns, residents can use the financial assessment section to see if they would need to contribute financially to their care.

Other sections, including one on your support needs, will go online between now and late Summer.

What are the benefits of the new system?

• It gives people another way to access adult social care services
• It allows residents, carers, partners and providers to have better access to adult social care information tailored to their needs
• It is easy to use
• The portal is available 24/7
• It lets residents take greater control of their life and choices by creating a personal online account with Dudley Adult Social Care

How can I access the Adult Social Care in Dudley portal?

Go to:

Is it easy to use?

It is straightforward. However, for extra guidance, the ‘help’ tile in the portal provides videos and questions and answers to assist users with potential queries.

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