Organising helpers for your group or project – 24th March

February 27, 2023
Published by Dudley CVS

Are you looking to recruit more helpers to support your community group or project?
Do you need to look at simple systems to help you involve and manage helpers

Our virtual session is aimed to support you with the process.
We have put together a pack, covering the basics to think about when you involve people in what you do as volunteers.​ The idea of this pack is to give you some useful guidance and documents to involve volunteers safely and ensure they have all the information they need.  There are prompt sheets, sample documents and an induction plan which you can customise to suit your organisation, and Eileen from the Volunteer Centre will be delighted to offer you ongoing support to get it just right for your volunteers.

Is this the right training for me?
– You are a volunteer yourself
– You are interested in working with volunteers for the first time
– Your group is entirely run and supported by volunteers
– You are new to supporting volunteers and need to put together some simple systems
– You’ve supported volunteers for years, even though you are a volunteer yourself, but not really had any support systems in place.

If you are:
– Paid to manage volunteers
– Need to set up more formal systems for your organisation
– Are new to managing volunteers and need to build your skills and confidence
– Have been tasked to update existing systems or bring in new policies or procedures for volunteers

Then our other training topics may be a better match:
– Selecting and retaining volunteers
– Supporting your volunteers
– Volunteers and the law

To book your place please visit:

Please contact Eileen at the Volunteer Centre for more information on the support and training that she can offer, please email:

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