Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers

April 29, 2022
Published by Dudley CVS

Join our information session to learn, and share hints and tips on finding volunteers, plus hanging on to them once you’ve found them!

About this event
We are going to cover the various elements of recruiting and retaining volunteers, because it can be just as challenging to keep volunteers as recruiting them in the first place.

Sharing ideas on what things work well and looking at how to deal with things if they go wrong is a great way to learn, so there are some real case studies for you to ponder over later on in our session. I’m sure that by then you will be ‘experts’ and know what you should have in place and how to deal with tricky situations.

The Zoom session will open just after 9:00 am on Friday 1 July so you can join and get yourself settled and will start promptly at 9:30 am. We will send you the Zoom link to join a few days before the event.

Date and time: Fri, 1 July 2022, 9am

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