St. Paul’s Churchyard Shell Corner clean up – 16th September 2023

July 26, 2023
Published by Dudley CVS

Shell Corner Partnership are excited to announce a Churchyard Cleanup Day on 16th September, to work towards enhancing the security and appearance of their beloved churchyard.
Please bring along the following tools and equipment:

1. Hedge trimmers
2. Strimmers
3. Chainsaw
4. Gardening gloves
5. Trash bags
6. any other items you think will be useful

They will meet at St Pauls at 10am. The cleanup will focus on tidying up the grounds, trimming hedges, clearing overgrown areas, and removing any debris or litter that may have accumulated.

By contributing just a few hours of your time, they can significantly improve the churchyard’s ambiance and create a safer environment for everyone.

Your participation is highly valued, and together, a meaningful difference can be made. Feel free to invite friends and family to join in this community effort.

Thank you for your support

Please drop an email for more info, or sign up to the event on the Facebook page to keep updated:

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