Together Project

August 13, 2021
Published by Dudley CVS
The What? Centre alongside their partner organisation Believe to Achieve have secured funding from the Lottery Community fund to provide support and counselling to families.

There will be short-term family support in the form of support groups covering topics such as anger management, anxiety, supporting young people who self-injure and other issues relevant to families. The support group work involves family members working together, families interacting with one another, and parents and children working separately to develop relationships and share experiences as well as information sharing.

The more in-depth work will be family counselling sessions that look at how family members relate to one another, identifying patterns of behaviour that affect each member’s mental health and wellbeing.

The aim of the together project is to improve the lives of families, children and young people where families are experiencing difficulties that get in the way of them enjoying a good family life.

The main beneficiaries will be families experiencing disadvantage in terms of, for example, finance, poor emotional health and wellbeing, domestic violence or bereavement. They want to help families who feel they have run out of ideas, or lack the resources, knowledge or skills to cope.

Read more about their funding here:

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