Welcoming John to the Dudley CVS team!

July 29, 2022
Published by John Goodman

I’m writing this as the new ‘boy’, but I’m not that new when it comes to Dudley CVS. Allow me to explain. 

Prior to taking up the post of Development Officer I had worked at the National Lottery Community Fund since 2012, starting as a temp whilst working to secure a ‘proper’ job. Back then I didn’t know a charity from a CIC and had no real passion for the sector. This changed when I began to understand and appreciate the amazing work that groups do and to feel that, in a small way, I was helping them do the things they do to help others.  

During my time at the Fund, I managed portfolios of Reaching Communities grants, worked on the international programme and experienced the world of European funding via Building Better Opportunities. However, the last five years have been the most enjoyable of my time as a Funding Officer. The move to a local model meant I was able to work with local groups in the place I have called home for most of my life, and I was always immensely proud to introduce myself as the Funding Officer for Dudley. Working in the borough led me to establish a close relationship with Dudley CVS – hot-desking, meeting groups here and benefitting enormously from the knowledge and experience of Martin and Becky.  

The thought of leaving a place where you have worked for ten years can seem daunting, but the opportunity to join such a well-respected organisation and work directly with groups, was one I could not pass up. From the outside, looking in, I have always regarded Dudley CVS as full of dedicated and passionate people, always willing to go the extra mile to support the sector. Everything I have seen and heard so far has confirmed that impression.  

The work of the sector remains vital in the face of some significant societal challenges, so I look forward to supporting charities and grass-roots organisations at every stage of their journey, encouraging collaboration and connection and banging the drum about how much value the charity and voluntary sector adds to the lives of people in Dudley.  

….and yes, I would be happy to look at your Reaching Communities application. 

Get in touch john@dudleycvs.org.uk

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