PSIAMS is a Cloud-Based customer management relationship system that enables organisations to measure client based outcomes and social impact. It provides organisations with the tools to collect robust data that they need to not only stay in touch with their clients, customers and contacts, but to also track what is changing for them.
PSIAMS Systems were formed by the coming together of a charity, Dudley CVS and a Social Enterprise, Cloudberry Innovation and Development to develop low-cost data solutions for the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector; but to also work with and develop solutions for both the statutory and private sectors.

Data Management

The PSIAMS system enables you to put all your most important data in one place making it easier to maintain relationships, track progress and plan for the future, whether you are in the office or on the move.

The system gives you the tools to collect robust data that you need to not only stay in touch with your clients, customers, and contacts, but to also track what is changing for them. The inbuilt reporting gives you access to the data you need at a glance, either in a visual form or as an export.

Outcomes Measurement

PSIAMS places the person at the centre of the system. It tracks their journey with the organisation and (where agreed) with partner/referral agencies. PSIAMS is a way of working which means the organisation is delivering person centred services and outcomes. PSIAMS measures the social, environment, economic and wellbeing outcomes for clients using a distanced travelled approach that tracks their progress in terms of social impact (the extent to which they are able to self-manage their condition/situation and identifying what support they need including the need for an external referral), social value (the cost of services/interventions accessed); and social capital (the extent to which they are contributing to their community as an active citizen).

Data Analysis

Instant real time reports means you can stay ahead of what is happening across the organisation, but also start to build a picture of what the future trends look like; helping to future proof your organisations need.

Understanding what your data is telling you can be a big job, PSIAMS provides support to help you analyse the more complex, larger data sets.

Training & Support

PSIAMS training and support is based on what your organisation needs, so we start work with you straight away to understand what those needs are – now and in the future. We build training and support into our system so when you come across a problem or issue, we can resolve it quickly. We also run regular PSIAMS User Group meet ups which allows staff to meet members of our teams and other users to share ideas and build better solutions.

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